How to Update Your Profile

This tutorial will go over how to update your profile and matching preferences on an existing TandemPlus profile. To create a new profile, review How to Register for F2F.

Creating a strong profile is the easiest way to increase your pairing chances. The TandemPlus software pairs people based on three levels of criteria: 

  1. Language preferences.
  2. Gender preferences, time availability, and age preference.
  3. Overlapping hobbies (but will still pair people if they have no similar hobbies).

To start, log onto your TandemPlus account and click "Edit Profile."  

Scroll through your personal information and update any settings you wish to change. Remember, changing gender or age preferences to “No Preference” will increase chances of getting paired. Additionally, adding more languages will increase chances of getting paired.

Selecting “Both” under “Select your Matching Preference” will sign you up to be paired with both those who speak the language you are learning, and those who are learning that language too. If you are interested in both types of partnerships, select both and you will be more likely to be paired. 

Finally, adding more time availability will increase your pairing chances. It is best to write down all of your available time slots. When you are talking to your partner later, you can always adjust the times you meet on an individual basis. 

When you are done changing your profile, click “Update Account” at the bottom to save your changes.