How to Register for Face-to-Face

This tutorial covers registration for the Face-to-Face (F2F) program and the basics of finding a language partner. The TandemPlus program is open to anyone and everyone interested in practicing a second language (or third, or fourth). All you need is a computer or mobile smart device and reliable internet connection to register for the program. Registration is free and voluntary for all.

Note: The F2F program is for anyone interested in meeting with other language learners and improving their foreign language skills. The F2F program is separate from the Class-to-Class (C2C) program. If you are part of an exchange through a language class, this is not the correct registration page. Please contact your language instructor if you have questions about the C2C program. 

To begin, navigate to My TandemPlus Account and click "Sign in to TandemPlus."

You should see a screen like this: 

 Next, click on the “Register now” button. 

  • If you are a UMN student
    • Choose “I am with University of Minnesota.” The site will prompt you to fill in your university login information and write a short paragraph explaining why you want to participate in the program (this can be a short, one sentence explanation). When you have finished, click “Submit request.”
  • If you are not UMN student
    • Choose “I am not with the University of Minnesota” (pictured above). Fill in the information, and click “Submit request.”  

Once you click submit, a request form will be sent to TandemPlus and will be approved by staff within 3 business days.

Once your form is approved, you will receive an email to the email address that you provided in your registration.

Click on the link provided in the email. This link will take you to your profile in the TandemPlus matching software.

Fill out your personal information. If you would like to be paired this semester, select “Yes” in the “Do you want to participate in TandemPlus matching” section. When you are done, click “Next.”

Next, fill out your educational experience and history with the TandemPlus program (this has no influence on if you will be paired or not). 

Then, list your desired and native language(s). You may list up to three native languages, but keep in mind that you could receive partners for all the languages that you list. You can also list up to three desired languages. These are languages that you are learning at any level and want to find a partner to practice with. 

Priority goes to participants who have not previously been matched.

On the same page, scroll down to add your hobbies and interests (also up to 3). When you are done, click "Next."

Next, you will fill out your partner preferences. TandemPlus offers two options for pairing: native and peer (these options are also described on the preference page). Participants can select between Native only, Peer only, and both.

  • For the native only option, you will be paired only with a native speaker of the language you are learning and you will be in a partnership with someone who is learning your native language. The example person, Susan Smith, is a native Japanese speaker, and is learning English and Korean. A possible partnership for her would be with a Korean speaker learning Japanese.
  • For the peer only option, you will be paired with someone learning the same language as you and you can practice the language you are both learning. In the example, Susan would be paired with another Korean learner and they could practice Korean together.

You may also specify how many partners you want. If you select one partner, you will be paired with one partner per language you list. If you select one or more partners, you may be placed in multiple partnerships.

Please also select if you are willing to meet virtually. Some of our participants are not in the Minneapolis area and can only meet online.  

Next, fill out the times that you are available during the day. The times are in Central Standard Time (CST) in Minnesota.

Finally, create a password for your TandemPlus profile and read the Terms and Conditions. This can be any password that is more than 6 characters. The TandemPlus program is non-binding, so partnerships are created and maintained through your own interest.

Once you have completed this step, congratulations! You are registered for the program! Your name will be placed into the TandemPlus matching pool for partner pairings.