How to Find a Partner

This tutorial covers how to use the TandemPlus software to search for a language partner, as well as the method for multiple partnerships for those interested.

This tutorial picks up right after the first tutorial on how to register and assumes that the viewer has already activated a TandemPlus account. Keep in mind that TandemPlus staff works on pairing throughout the semester.

First, log into your TandemPlus account.

Click on the “Find a Partner” option at the top-right of your screen, and select the “Search for a Partner” option.

If you do not see the “Find a Partner” option, you may not be currently signed up in the matching pool. To fix this, click “Edit Profile” and select “Yes” to participate in TandemPlus matching.

Next, click on “Find a Partner,” and select “Search for a Partner” from the dropdown option.

This will take you to available partnerships for your current language preferences, available times, and partner preferences. Click on the “View Profile” to view your potential partner’s preferences and availability. 

If you find a partner and would like to invite them into a partnership, click the “Invite into Partnership” option. This will send an email to the participant letting them know you invited them into a partnership. 

The email will look like this:

To respond to this email, the partner will need to log into their TandemPlus profile, and click “Invitations to You.”

From there, they have the option to "Accept" or "Ignore."

If they accept, you will both receive an email with each other’s email addresses. 

Note: If you invite multiple people into partnerships, the first person who accepts your invitation will be your partner. 

Please contact each other directly to begin your partnership. 

To find a second partner, there are a few options. 

First, you can set your partner count in your profile to "One Or More Partners." This indicates to TandemPlus Staff that you are interested in multiple partnerships, and we will automatically look for multiple partners for you throughout the semester. 

TandemPlus prioritizes matching each student with one partner per language before pairing students with multiple partners. If you are already paired and would still like another partner, it does help to email [email protected] to request multiple partners.