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Anyone can use Zoom for free, but you must sign-up for the free account.  You will need to download a plug-in to your Mac or PC the first time you use Zoom.  Zoom is a web-based app that you access through your web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.  There are also Zoom apps for IOS and Android. In contrast to most other video-chat applications, Zoom allows you to record and save your conversations. 

How does Zoom work?

One person hosts a meeting and sends an invitation to other people.  They join the meeting by clicking on the link in the invitation.  

How do I host a meeting?

How do I invite others to a meeting?

How do I join a meeting?

How do I record a meeting?

Getting started on Mac and PC

***The Zoom website and all tutorials can be viewed in multiple languages.  Change the language at the bottom of any page:

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With Appear-in, you can have effortless video conversations with up to 4 people.  There is no software to download and no special plug-ins are needed.  All you need is the internet.  Apps for mobile devices are available.

You can even create your own video room with a custom link for repeated use.  Example:  

To invite people, share the link in chat, on email, in calendar invites or by SMS. No registration required, once people click the link, they'll appear with you!  For more information, see the Appear-in getting started page.   help center.