TandemPlus and Career Readiness

In today’s world, every organization and employer is looking for people who can demonstrate 

- strong oral and written communication skills

- the ability to engage with people of diverse backgrounds 

To be effective in your future workplace, you will need to be able to communicate interpersonally in such a way that colleagues or clients of various language and cultural backgrounds can understand you, show respect for other perspectives and experiences, and clear-up misunderstandings and repair any damage to the relationship caused by them.

When you negotiate with your TandemPlus partner about when and where to meet, or you exchange your thoughts and feelings about family, school, healthcare, professional sports, or an upcoming election, you are developing these very competencies.

Adding “TandemPlus” to your resume won’t mean much, however, unless you can unpack it for other people.  The CLA RATE Tool is designed to help you prepare to tell interviewers and employers how you have developed these core career competencies through in-class and out-of-class experiences, such as TandemPlus.


rate r            rate a            rate t             rate-e
       Rate                   Articulate             Translate              Evaluate

How to get started with RATE?

Review the definitions and see examples of the competencies below.  

Engaging Diversity

Oral and Written Communication

Digital Literacy

Then click on the RATE Tool to begin capturing your ideas and telling your story through text and video.