TandemPlus Fall 2019 Registration Closed

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 2:00pm

Registration for the Fall 2019 semester of TandemPlus is now closed. However, current TandemPlus partners are encouraged to continue meeting until the end of the semester. Remember, if you and your TandemPlus partner are getting along wonderfully and wish to continue meeting after this semester, you can now consider yourselves friends! You're not required to re-register in the Spring to continue that partnership.

If we were unable to secure a partnership for you this fall, or if you are simply interested in new languages, or meeting new people, we strongly encourage you to register again in Spring 2020! TandemPlus Spring 2020 registration will open on Tuesday, January 21st, the first day of class. Many new people will join the program and the matching pool will restart, with a fresh beginning.

Stay tuned for information regarding the upcoming December 5th TandemPlus Study Evening put on by the TandemPlus Student Association.

Questions about registration? Email us at tandem@umn.edu